My team are highly impressed with the training facility and the school dedicated staff. We believe this visit will bring us a step closer to achieving your final goal of preparing the Nigerian Naval Personnel to maintain all Nigerian Naval Fleets.” Engr David Struck, Team Leader from MTU South Africa

From The Desk of the Commandant

It is with great pleasure that I warmly welcome the viewer(s) to the website of Nigerian Naval Engineering College (NNEC) Sapele, the premier technical institution of the Nigerian Navy (NN). The website has been designed as a store house of information on the activities of the College.

NNEC was established in 1982 with the mandate to train high quality engineers, technologists and craftsmen in sufficient number to meet the Nigerian Navy’s technical manpower needs. NNEC, today is an important affiliating institution of high education, currently having 7 schools under its jurisdiction. Together with these schools, it conducts OND, HND courses for ratings, safety courses for civil organizations and postgraduate courses for officers. The College is gradually blossoming into an institution of great eminence. It has achieved academic laurels and reached important milestones in its journey so far. Over time, the college has extended its excess capacity to the maritime industry by conducting safety and technical courses like welding, machining/machine tool operations for civil organisations.

Our vision is to produce innovative naval engineers and self sufficient technicians for the development of the Navy and nation’s maritime industry. Our mission is to improve on quality of training in line with the objectives of the engineering College and to project its relevance in sustaining naval operations and the maritime industry.
We exist to advance society with our commitment to consistently produce high quality technical manpower through world-class education and research to meet local industry technological demands. Our self sufficient graduates attest to this fact as they go about meeting the demands of the Navy while in active service and the larger economy in retirement.

We are also focusing on utilizing Information and Communications Technology to serve as a link between knowledge creation and knowledge transformation. We are strongly committed and actively working towards providing the best learning environment to the student community. All these, we believe, will put us on the global map. The NNEC is in the process of initiating a number of partnership/affiliations with national and international institutions to achieve this knowledge revolution.

Instructors in the College have continued to act as exemplary role models simultaneously assuming the role of a teacher, preacher and a guardian for the academic and personal development of the students. Therefore, we the teachers and instructors put our collective efforts and concerted commitment to the cause of training in order to realize our goals. We dedicate ourselves to the ideals of training and work conjointly, with passion, to hold aloft the banner of our College.

I am therefore pleased to call upon all NNEC stakeholders, i.e. the students, schools, staff members in particular and the public at large to come forward and contribute their best for the overall development of this great College and work together towards creating world class professionals in engineering.

To the viewers, I strongly encourage you to continue visiting this website as it is regularly updated with current events and news of the College. Indeed, I am confident that as you traverse the pages of this site, you would discover a lot that would excite your curiosity about this prestigious institution whose unique potentialities remain to be fully tapped. Once again, you are welcome. Thank you!!!

Commodore MC Diri-Onyenma DSS fdc MSc MNSE MNIM CEng