Mechanical Engineering School

The Mechanical Engineering School was established to cater for the training of skilled, qualified and competent technicians in the Nigerian Navy and for the technological development of the nation.

My team are highly impressed with the training facility and the school dedicated staff. We believe this visit will bring us a step closer to achieving your final goal of preparing the Nigerian Naval Personnel to maintain all Nigerian Naval Fleets.” Engr David Struck, Team Leader from MTU South Africa

The Mechanical Engineering School (MEES) is one of the schools in the Nigerian Naval Engineering College. It was established to cater for the training of skilled, qualified, and competent technicians who will be able to face the challenges concomitant with the aspiration of the Nigerian Navy (NN) and the technological development of the nation.

Formally called Automobile Engineering School (AMEES), the school name was recently changed to Mechanical Engineering School (MEES) to reflect the school's vision for academic excellence and furtherance of knowledge in engineering in general.

The which boosts of sophisticated training equipment, together with a strong teaching staff was accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) for the award of National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with options in Automobile Engineering.

The school since inception has trained and churned out 17 courses of Mechanical Engineers through a course duration of 4 years. Currently, the 18th course of the mechanical engineers is on-going and will terminate in 2017.


Lieutenant Commander I EKE Bsc Pol Sci, MES DOC

Photos of Training and Practical Equipment in Mechanical Engineering School