Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence School

The Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence and Damage Control School is one of the schools in the college set up to meet the ever increasing skilled technical manpower needs of the NN.

My team are highly impressed with the training facility and the school dedicated staff. We believe this visit will bring us a step closer to achieving your final goal of preparing the Nigerian Naval Personnel to maintain all Nigerian Naval Fleets.” Engr David Struck, Team Leader from MTU South Africa

The NBCD School is one of the 7 schools in the College. The School is a specialist school established to train Nigerian Navy (NN) personnel in Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) Defence and Damage Control including Fire Fighting and First Aid. The School was operated by Dornier from inception in November 1994 until August 2000 when it was fully taken over by the NN. Since then the School has been training NN personnel on NBC agents, fire fighting, damage control and general safety.

It is also pertinent to note that in recent times these courses were reviewed in accordance with international best practice to include personal safety and social responsibility, personal survival techniques, and International Ship and Port Security Code to meet up the 5 mandatory International Maritime Organisation (IMO) courses. To this end, the School is vigorously pursuing IMO certification through the in country representative of IMO that is Nigerian Maritime and Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA). Notwithstanding, some civilians have been trained by the school on fire fighting, damage control and general safety. Some of the civilians trained include students of the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology Lagos, students of Rivers State University of Science and Technology .and recently, the school also trained some staff of Pipeline and Product Marketing Company.

It is hoped that when the School becomes accredited by IMO, the School will experience high level of patronage by civilians thus becoming one of its kind in Nigeria and second to the Regional Maritime University Ghana in the sub-region. Further benefits accruing to personnel will be an increase in their market value upon discharge from the Service of the NN. This reasons in addition to the already existing facility in the NBCD School made NIMASA to pick interest in the school during their visit to the College for the accreditation process. Consequently, the School is optimistic to be accredited by early 2015.


Lieutenant Commander JO Orji BSc MSc

Photos of Training and Practical Equipment in Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence School