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The Nigerian Naval Engineering College has made giant strides in various areas of the Nigerian Navy and indeed, in the society at large since its inception. Notably,  the College has trained numerous personnel and civilians that man strategic positions onboard naval and merchant vessels. Also, the programs on stream at the College have been accredited by the National Board for Technical Education in Nigeria.
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We are a leading academic institution offering different programs and higher diploma programs that are designed with global requirements in mind. Each year, over 500+ students graduate from our institution.

We are among the top institutions in the country and we have been providing quality education for more that 40 years.

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Core Values

The Code of Conduct that guides Under Training Personnel in the course of training at the NNEC 


Your lecturers will be demanding work from you. it is expected that you politely request them to explain a point again if you do not understand. You should be attentive  during lectures and endeavour to complete assignments, prepare for the next day lectures and go through your notes either in your rooms or during night prep classes. Remember hard work is the key to success. Devote yourself whole heartedly to your studies and work very hard to achieve your set objectives.


One of the greatest attributes expected of a service personnel and indeed a Trainee of this noble institution is honour. You must therefore remain straightforward, truthful and honest throughout the period of your training in the College. You must never tell lies or make false statements knowing same to be false. You are expected to do the right things always, however, if you do something wrong, you must own up to it and make efforts to desist and correct yourself. 


Discipline is the bedrock of any military training and is treated with the highest priority in the College. You will therefore be observed by your trainers at all times. Obedience, smart turn out and punctuality to parades are the key natural habits that must be exhibited by you at all times. At no point in time should you react rudely to instructions or orders from your instructors, lecturers and, student appointees. If you feel you have been unjustly treated, follow the appropriate channels to seek redress. 


You must at all times exhibit humility in your words and actions. You must relate politely and gently with all who constitute your environment with particular reference to your superiors, instructors, and civilian lecturers. Also endeavour to always be considerate and compassionate while still being firm and fair when dealing with your subordinates. Explain your viewpoints in group discussions without imposing them on others. Always make yourself open to criticism and happy to change your stance when convinced that you are in the wrong. 


Professionalism is one of the core values of the Nigerian Navy. Bearing in mind the increased level of sophistication of Naval platforms coupled with the renewed vigour of the NN in its Fleet Renewal and Capitalization, high professional standards is demanded of technical personnel in the NN. You must therefore utilize all the training platforms, facilities, and equipment available in the College to improve your technical skills and abilities. This will ensure you develop into a highly professional technical personnel on graduation and then become more relevant to the Service in the operation and maintenance of its numerous platforms.


Teamwork is another core value of the NN which is enshrined in its motto “ONWARD TOGETHER”. As Under Training Personnel in the College you will undertake several group tasks and assignments. Your ability to work with groups and achieve tasks as a team will be continuously assessed. It is therefore important that you start early to build good interpersonal skills that will enable you integrate into groups as a good team player. Teamwork is indispensable towards your overall success in the College. 

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Over the last 40 years, we have been providing world-class education.

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On-campus college events to shape the social and intellectual character of students.
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Sports are the most common extracurricular activity for the students in the College. Health is wealth.

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Forecast of Events for the College From January to December 2023

Forecast of Events for upcoming events.

10 Jan

School Re-Open (NNEC)

07:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Regulating office

9 Jan 23

I Sincerely hope you had a Great Holiday. I also hope that you have rested, revitalized, and prepared to begin a new academic year. All indications lead to another fantastic and fruitful academic year.

9 Jan

School Admin

07:00 AM - 07:00 AM
College Admin Block


9 - 10 Jan 23

Our Lecturers

Whatever you aim for your future, we have the perfect program to get you there.

Engr Efetobor Matthew
HOD - Weapon Electrical Engineering School
photo_2022-11-14 18.50.51
Mr Edmond Egbivwie
HOD - Marine Engineering School
photo_2022-09-26 14.03.22
Engr EE Osadiaye
Instructor - Weapon Engineering School
Engr Dr IT Okafor
HOD - Automobile Engineering School

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