Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence and Damage Control SCHOOL (NBCD SChool)

Fire Fighting Men

The Nuclear Biological Chemical Defence and Damage Control School is one of the 8 schools in the College. The School was administered by Messrs Dornier of Germany from inception until August 2000 when it was fully taken over by the Nigerian Navy (NN). Since then the school has been training NN personnel and civilians. The School is a specialist school established to train NN personnel in Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Defence and Damage Control (NBCD) including Fire Fighting. other trainings undertaken in the School include Personal Survival Techniques and First Aid. The School has trained several students from various schools and organisations such the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology Lagos, students of River State University of Science and Technology, staff of PHCN Sapele and most recently, staff of Pipelines and Products Marketing Company Limited under the auspices of Century Energy Services Limited amongst others.


Some training equipment at the NBCD School are:

a. Firefighting Trucks. The School has 2 firefighting trucks. Both are operational and are used for firefighting drills in the College as well as to fight fire in the college and Barracks. The trucks are also deployed on request in support of firefighting within Sapele metropolis.
b. Fire Main System. The fire main system is employed onboard ships for fighting fire outbreaks. The system consists of high powered pumps systematically arranged with a network of pipes designed to supply sea water to various points to fight fire outbreak onboard ships. The fire main system in the college supplies sea water to the damage control trainer replicating possible scenarios obtainable onboard naval ships.
c. Damage Control Trainer. The Damage Control (DC) Trainer has been in the school since inception. It is use for conducting firefighting and damage control exercises for under training personnel in the College and civilian organizations. The trainer is equipped with structures depicting live scenarios obtainable onboard ships. Pipe network from the fire main system connected to trainer supplies sea water for firefighting and damage control exercises.
d. Breathing Apparatus. The school has several breathing apparatus. These apparatus are worn together with the Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) during fighting exercise.
e. Dry Chemical Powder Filling Machine. The school has 2 dry chemical powder filling machine in its inventory. The device is used for filling and refilling of discharged cylinders after used. The filling machine is vital in the refill of used or expired dry powered extinguishers within the College and barracks.
f. CO2 Filling Machine. The school also has a CO2 filling machine. Like the dry chemical powder machine, the device is also used to fill or refill used and expired CO2 extinguishers cylinder.
g. Portable Booster Pump. The school has a portable booster pump in its inventory. The pump is deployed during firefighting.
h. The Audio Visual Equipment. The Audio Visual room is equipped with a projector set and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) instructional CDs designed to provide visual instruction to personnel. The certified IMO instructional CDs contain long and short films on drill and exercises carried out onboard ships and in organizations.


The School presently has a good mixed of staff strength comprising officers, ratings and civilians. Additionally, instructors from other schools within the College are deployed for lectures and exercises to compliment the staff strength in the school. The NBCD School is headed by the Commanding Officer (CO) who is responsible to the Commandant through the Deputy Commandant (Dy Comdt). A Chief Instructor (CI) is appointed to assist the CO to coordinate the daily affairs of the school’s training programmes and administration. The e School also has a civilian Head of Department.