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The Weapon Electrical Engineering School (WEES) is one of the 8 Schools in the Nigerian Naval Engineering College (NNEC) Sapele. The school was established to cater for the training of NN personnel on the applications and maintenance of Weapon Electrical equipment onboard NN fleet. The School is equipped with various training equipment and facilities employed in providing the requisite knowledge and skills for NN personnel in the Engineering and Executive Branches. The trainings conducted in WEES are categorized into different courses. These trainings were aimed at achieving the mandate of producing requisite manpower with technical skills that are essential for NN fleet maintenance and availability.

In the organization of WEES, the School is headed by the Commanding Officer (CO) who is assisted by a Chief Instructor (CI), a Head of Department (HOD), serving and retired personnel and civilian lecturers. The School consists of the main Weapon Engineering School and the Weapon Annex which is co-located with Marine Engineering School. The WEES equally has several training facilities with classrooms and laboratories for lectures and practical training.

The WEES has 7 electrical Labs and 2 workshops where practical trainings as well as Research and Development are conducted. The Labs are Power, Control Engineering, Electronics, Machine, Telecommunication, Radar and Communication Labs. The workshops include, Electronics Workshop and Electrical/Telecommunication workshop. The training conducted in these facilities comprised of fault simulations, fault tracing and diagnoses, assembling and disassembling of parts, component soldiering, design and construction, application of testing and measuring instrument amongst others.

Different categorized of courses are undertaken in WEES. These are the Artificers Course, Officers Application Course (OAC), Special Duty Officers Course (SDOC) and Petty Officer’s Weapon Electrical Engineering Course (POWE). Others are the Intermediate Level Maintenance Course (ILMC), 1st and 2nd Rate Above water Warfare (AW) Course, Officer’s Long Course (OLC) and Sub-Technical Course (STC).

Officers Application Course: The OAC is a one year specialization course designed for engineering officers in the NN to develop their proficiency in handling First and Second Line maintenance of ship borne machineries. It was also to improve their leadership capability for better management of men in the department and equipment onboard. To achieve this, the program was divided into modules with different phases of practical trainings and simulation exercises. Over the years, the WEES had passed out 19 Batches of OAC Weapon Electrical officers. The Batch 20 of the OAC is expected to pass out by 9 Dec 22.

Artificers’ Course: The Artificers’ Course is a 4 year Higher National Diploma program in Electrical Electronics Engineering. The programme was designed for ratings in the Weapon Electrical Engineering department to further improve their academic career and proficiency in the field of electrical electronics engineering. The Artificers Course is a continuous program that graduates ratings every year. Presently, the WEES has HND II course (A33B/A35A), HND I (A34B/A36A), ND II course (A35B) and ND I (A36B) that are ongoing in the School. The last HND II grandaunts (A32B/A34A) of the WEES passed out on 10 Dec 21. Pertinently, it is important to state that some of the College’s programmes have been accredited by the NBTE and the School is eminently qualified to award commensurate certificates to the deserving graduating students of the College. Additionally, it is expected that the School’s programmes would be opened to the public in the nearest future.

POWE and ILMC: The POWE and ILMC are higher level maintenance courses in Weapon Electrical Engineering (WEE) department. POWE is for electrical mechanics while ILMC is for technical officers and Artificer personnel. The courses were designed to upgrade the knowledge and technical skills of Weapon Electrical Engineering personnel to effectively execute repairs and maintenance activities within the 3 levels of maintenance tasks of the NN. The courses were to also refresh their knowledge on relevant NN engineering best practices in executing and supervising watch keeping duties of machineries onboard NN ships. Before proceeding for POWE course, ratings must have completed one year Basic Mechnician and Leading Mechanician courses respectively while for ILMC, the technical officers and Artificers must have completed the OAC/SDOC and 4yrs Artificer course respectively. The POWE course runs for 9 months while the ILMC is a 6 month program.


The Weapon Commanding Officer is assisted by a Chief Instructor (CI) LT AM Mala

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AC 3 - Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
3 - Phase Asynchronous Induction Motor