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Both welding and fabrication involve working with metal parts. Therefore, Many confuse fabrication with welding!!

But, in reality…

Fabrication is a linear process which involves various steps and professionals in getting the final finished workable machinery. On the other hand, welding is just a single step that is included in the fabrication process. While fabrication leads to the production of entire machinery, welding only joins two pieces of metals together.

But it is not necessary that welding has to be a part of fabrication always. I mean, welding can be a task in itself where there is the need to mend metals and not to make a machine!

Still confused?

Well, then let’s delve deep into both the processes to have a crystal clear idea of both fabrication and welding.

Welding is the process of joining two metal pieces together with the aid of flames and brazing rods. 

Fabrication is the process by which metal structures and machines are built. To get to the final result of fabrication, you need to pass through the following processes: cutting of the metals, burning, welding, machining, forming and then assembling.

Metal fabrication includes projects like making of hand rails to machinery. If you need more clearance of the projects that is done through fabrication, they are the making of hand tools, nuts and screws, cutlery machines, spring and wire, hardware parts, etc.